Humans Vs Zombies @ ANU

Humans Vs Zombies is a craze which has swept through the US like wildfire. Starting at a single university, the game has grown and spread all across the world. And now I want to bring it to Australia – specifically ANU.

Humans Vs Zombies is essentially a large game of tag. In this game everyone, bar one person, is a human. The other player is the initial zombie. Over the course of a week this game takes place, with humans slowly succumbing to the zombie horde and survivors praying for their lives. Humans do have a way to slow their (inevitable deaths) however – they can stun zombies with nerf guns or socks.

The main website for Humans Vs Zombies is here: . The following is a fantastic documentary about the game by its creator, its long, but well worth watching. It really shows you just how awesome this game is:

So I have decided that ANU needs to have this game as well. I think this is an achievable goal and so far everyone I have explained it to seems to think its awesome as well. We are aiming to start a club through ANUSA – the student union, which should get us some support. Following that we will need to get approval from ANU and possibly the colleges on campus.

The games go for a week and we are planning on holding one each semester, very early on to avoid disrupting study. With that in mind we are aiming for the second week of next semester as a first game. By making the games far apart in the year we can ensure they are done well and it will give us lots of time to get everything ready in the first place. Not to mention advertising!

Bring on the zombies!


Edit: This event DID happen and the club is now a strong and large part of ANU life, check out my followup post here.


~ by Myles O'Neill on March 14, 2009.

9 Responses to “Humans Vs Zombies @ ANU”

  1. Oh goodness! I’m at ANU and I found your blog while looking for information about the initial US craze. If this game took off here, I would be eternally happy.
    Good luck! I will personally support ANU HvZ plans!

  2. Wow thats awesome! I only posted this a few hours ago, this seems like a complete fluke.

    If you could email me a way to contact you (email, phone whatever) – I can invite you to some of our preliminary planning groups. We need 15 people initially to make a club, so we do need people.

    Great to hear there is support for this already!

  3. lol ill do it – ide win every game – it would talk a zombie a good while to shamble to brisbane from Camberra

  4. You should set it up in Brisbane 😉

  5. yeh but no – ill stick to playing quitin tarenino’s ‘house of the dead: overkill’ and ‘left 4 dead’ much more rage venting potential

  6. Dude, if you did this, I would marshal every person I know, come down to ANU from Wollongong, crash with a mate that studies there and play this game. I cannot imagine anything more fantastic.

  7. I’m playing it at Truman State University, in northern Missouri, and it’s probably the most fun game I’ve ever played. Granted, it’s very stressful, and I’ve had to run for my life quite a few times over the past few days, but it’s so worth it. Definitely try to take to ANU. It would be sweet to know that it’s outside of the US.

  8. […] when really I was feeling vulnerable and more than a little out of place), when I stumbled across a blog post that really piqued my interest. (If you don’t already know the story of how that happened, […]

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