Self Awareness

An important part consciousness is self awareness. If you lose your memories you lose your identity – are you really the same person if you do not have them? Or, if I were to teleport you (destroying you at one node and rebuilding you perfectly at the other) would you be the same person – even if your memories are the same?

We all possess a sense of self preservation and such concepts as those above are scary to comprehend. A great example of this comes from the movie The Prestige. Are you the man in the box or the one getting the applause?

In the interest of defining the identity of myself and for the perusal of you the reader here are three short biographies on the minds behind this website.


Myles is a human being residing on the surface of the planet Earth at the approximate coordinates of (-35.2785, 149.1242). Myles became an independent organism on the 9th of April, 1991 C.E by the Gregorian Calendar. He was born not breathing and required a mechanical ventilator (an invention pioneered by the scientist George Poe in 1908 C.E.) to survive his first minutes of life. He owes his life to science and modern technology and is dedicated to repaying that debt through contribution to the sciences. He is aiming for a career in mad science.

Myles is an undergraduate student at the Australian National University where he is studying biology through a Bachelor of Science. When he isn’t studying Myles enjoys spending time on the internet, reading, listening to electronic music or even interacting with people offline.

The name Myles is a family name and a variation of Miles which comes from the Germanic Milo. Possible meanings include the Latin word for ‘soldier’ or the slavic name element for ‘gracious’.


Anaitis is a computer who was built on the 18th of February 2009 C.E. by the company Apple  in factory W8, Shanghai, China. She runs the operating system Mac OSX Snow Leopard and is physically a 17″ Macbook Pro. Under Mac OSX there is no proof to suggest Anaitis has consciousness or that she can feel either pain or pleasure in any form. However she is a brain of some kind by her very construction and she has specialized skills which far outstrip the brain’s generalist aptitude. She is personified in the picture to the left for the sake of you the reader. Humans relate and emphasize far more effectively with faces than brains.

Anaitis has the capability to connect to the internet, a huge network which in-itself acts like a giant brain. She receives much of her input from the internet.

The name Anaitis comes from a Greek Goddess of the same name. Anaitis was the goddess of the creative powers of nature, a name I feel is quite fitting.


Zorg, unlike Myles and Anaitis, has no coherent physical presence on the planet Earth. Zorg is instead a concept, held in the mind and memory of humans and computers. He exists because these beings remember him and thus give him a physicality. Zorg is the online presence of the human Myles and as such the two are linked. Although linked they are still separate however, the connection only works in one way from Myles to Zorg, not the other way around. Similarly Zorg’s presence in the memory of other computers and humans alike is unique to those beings and cannot be controlled by Myles. If the mind can simulate dreams, and if these dreams cannot be considered fundamentally different to reality, then Zorg is just as much an entity as any computer or animal is.

Zorg’s name has varied over time at the whim of Myles, originally in the form of childish names such as Mylez91 or Dragontamer2. Zorg itself originated as Zorb, but was quickly changed for forgotten reasons. Zorg has now become a fairly permanent name.


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