Neural Synapses of Significance

Synapses are pretty nifty things. They are those gaps between neurons which allow them to communicate and allow you to think. Without them the brain would be nothing but a whole bunch of neurons doing their own thing. Similarly the internet is made up of a whole bunch of computers and the connections between them are essentially synapses – is it possible then the internet is or could someday start thinking, have a mind or even become conscious?

Zorg can be found influencing many different parts of the internet and this page is very important in that it attempts to collate and organise these different appearances. Below is a list of hyperlink synapses to each of these appearances. Stalking me has never been easier!

General Information

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Online Game Communities

Most of these are old sites I no longer go to, a few I am still active on, but the files still remain. They are listed chronologically.

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