Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments LainSerial Experiments Lain is an Anime series created in 1998. It is a short series of only 13 episodes and I would argue that it could be considered as a work of art rather than as a tv show. The show covers an amazing array of topics and themes in a very cryptic and complex way. It is a very deep series and I cannot recommend it enough. There are many different interpretations and meanings inside the series and this series is definitely designed to be like that. For easy access here is a page of the relevant youtube videos for the series. Please discuss your own interpretations of the work in the comments section below.

These works are not hosted on this site and the assumption is that youtube is following legal protocol in hosting them itself. It should be noted that this series is rated M15+ (Mature Audiences due to Low Level Violence and Adult Themes) under the Australian rating system. If you enjoy S.E.L. please consider buying it to support the people who made it. Enjoy!

Layer 01: Weird

Layer 02: Girls

Layer 03: Psyche

Layer 04: Religion

Layer 05: Distortion

Layer 06: Kids

Layer 07: Society

Layer 08: Rumors

Layer 09: Protocol

Layer 10: Love

Layer 11: Infornography

Layer 12: Landscape

Layer 13: Ego


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